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WHOLESALE PRICE - Manuka  2in1 Shampoo 500ml

WHOLESALE PRICE - Manuka 2in1 Shampoo 500ml

DoggieBalm Co.® 2in1 Natural Manuka Shampoo and Conditioner

Natural Manuka Dog Wash uses completely pure & natural ingredients to provide a deep rich moisturising and nourishing wash that will  condition and re-invigorate your dog. This shampoo is highly suitable for sensitive skin dogs.


Nourish | Rejuvenate | Moisturise

Chemical Free! Paraben Free! No Nasties!  

This all natural 2in1 dog shampoo & conditioner contains powerful ingredients Australian Raw Manuka Honey which are known to nourish, repair and provide a deep, rich moisturising after each wash.

This shampoo is a perfectly balanced blend ideal for use on all dogs. 

Australian Raw Manuka Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, suitable for all skin types, contains essential amino acids and vitamins known to assist healing and soothing.

Australian H oil is rich in essential omega fatty acids known to neutralise skin irritations, can enhance blood circulation and stimulate fur re-growth, provides a rich, deep moisture to the skin and hair resulting in a healthier, shinier dog coat all year round. 

We don't use phenoxyethanol in our products. Always check the back of the product and compare our ingredients with other brands.

DoggieBalm Manuka 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner combines two of mother natures most potent skincare ingredients with the addition of natural Coconut and Argan Oils that are known to enable deep penetration of the skins surface to regenerate and promote healthy dog coats.

This shampoo has a low scent of Manuka Honey and is low lather due to the all natural ingredients. The beautiful Manuka scent will uplift and enrich your puppers senses after each wash. Gentle on on the nose, skin and hair.



    Shake bottle well, wet dog coat and apply by hand from head to tail. Massage into a lather and rest for 1-2mins to soak the minerals. Rinse well to finish wash. Avoid nose and eye areas. 
    Wash every fortnight for the best results and healthy, glossy skin & coat. Allow up to 14 days for best results. 


DoggieBalm is made of only natural ingredients because we care about what we put on and in our precious family members - always.

Key Ingredients: Filtered Aqua, Australian Raw Manuka Honey, Natural Coconut Oil, Australian Olive Oil, Australian H Seed Oil, Blend of Castor & Argan Oils. Checkout our Ingredient Information here.

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