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Welcome to our family business Red Earth Spirit! Why Red Earth you may ask, well we are from the Pilbara, the red earth is in our blood.  We left the Pilbara after 36 years and have chosen Bridgetown to settle in. What a beautiful vibe and community it is, complete weather contrast but that is what we love about it. Bring on the Winter Fridgetown Festival!!  


Our passion is to learn through life and we are doing that by homeschooling our children.  We also operate a carpentry business AJ Staley Carpentry where my husband works very hard servicing the local community, so my children and I would like to contribute to our families financial needs by running a shop selling the local and online community goods that we are passionate about.  


My back ground is small business management and bookkeeping.  We decided to take a break from that and focus on teaching our children as much about life as we possibly can working on one income.  So this little side hustle helps to put food on the table and also gives our children an insight into the exciting and daunting world of business.


We hope you like the products we have chosen, at the moment we are stocking Doggie Balm Natural Dog Products you can find them here My daughter has been busy making some jewellery we hope to launch her product line this year

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