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WHOLESALE PRICE - Doggie Paw & Nose Balm

WHOLESALE PRICE - Doggie Paw & Nose Balm

DoggieBalm Co.® Paw & Nose Balm 100% Natural (60g)


#1 for Paws, Nose and Skin Care & Maintenance. Nourish, hydrate and repair.


Paw & Nose Balm is a premium ultra moisturising and maintenance healing balm, that is essential for every dogs daily skin care routine. Paw & Nose balm contains powerful natural ingredients known to  assist treatment of skin fold irritations, minor yeast infections, and general discomfort due to dry and itchy skin.


Our premium soft blend contains natural ingredients that may assist in the healing of skin irritations and transform rough and scratchy paw pads to an incredible smooth.


Designed to be used all year round for doggie paw, nose and skin care treatment and maintenance - designed for re-hydrating and cell reconstruction. 


DoggieBalm Co. Paw & Nose is perfect for pampering your pooch and promoting healthy skin as it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to ensure the absolute best skin care. 


DoggieBalm Paw & Nose may assist in the treatment of;


Dry and/or cracked paws 

Dry skin or skin irritations (redness, acne, itchy skin, and other reactions).

Crusty, cracked and bleeding noses (very low scent).

Yeast Infection, sores, pimples, inflammation 

100% safe for dogs to lick..

We don't use phenoxyethanol in our products. Always check the back of the product and compare our ingredients with other brands.


100% Natural ingredients and completely safe & edible (OK for dogs to lick this stuff). This balm has a light natural honey scent. 








Apply twice daily for 7-14 days or until not required.


Allow up to 14 days for best results. Distract dog with high value treat during application to avoid dog licking off the balm. Results may be noticeable from 5 days.

Apply simply squeeze the easy applicator and apply balm as required.




Why don't you offer your balm in a tin?

Great question! Our tube applicators are proven to be the most reliable and best option for balm hygiene as the source is not compromised or exposed to bacteria through direct contact with fingers or environment.  Tins are open and can expose the balm to bacteria through contact with fingers, dirt particles and environment. 


Key Ingredients:  MCT Coconut Oil, Natural Glycerine, Australian Honey, Australian Beeswax, Vegetable Waxes, Natural Shea Butter, Almond Oil (Organic), Blend of essential natural Vitamins A & E (assist skin re-hydrating and cell reconstruction), Natural Parfum. Checkout our Ingredient Information here. See less

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