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WHOLESALE PRICE - Doggie Manuka Healing Balm

WHOLESALE PRICE - Doggie Manuka Healing Balm

DoggieBalm Co.® Manuka Blend 100% Natural (60g)


#1 for Powerful Natural Healing and Soothing of itchy & dry skin!


Persistent itching can often result in more serious skin problems such as secondary skin infections. DoggieBalm Manuka Balm will assist natural control of bacteria and reduce inflammation.


Formulated with the amazing healing properties of natural raw Australian Manuka Honey the ingredients of this balm may assist the natural soothing and healing of all skin irritations and skin discomfort. Raw Manuka Honey is known to have powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties that may also assist skin regeneration for healing, soothing, and repair.


Our distinctive Manuka Balm is infused with naturally nourishing ingredients to create a gorgeous and soothing moisturiser that may assist skin inflammation, skin discomfort, irritations, and scarring.


DoggieBalm contains raw Australian Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is known to have strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties which may assist the treatment of minor skin infections, minor wounds and abrasions and dry or damaged paws (designed for healing).


DoggieBalm Manuka Blend is an absolute amazing balm bursting with all of the natural benefits of raw Australian Manuka Honey which may assist treatment of;


Skin discomfort & Severe Irritation

Hot spots, flaky and itchy skin (chaffing, redness, odor)

Inflamed bug bites

Minor cuts, scrapes and scratches

Doggie Dermatitis & Eczema

100% Safe for dogs to lick..

Have you seen our "Ditch the Itch Pack"? Check out the awesome value pack here!


We don't use phenoxyethanol in our products. Always check the back of the product and compare our ingredients with other brands.


This balm has a light Manuka scent. You can read about the amazing benefits of our ingredients here. 








Apply twice daily for 7-14 days or until not required.


Allow up to 14 days for best results. Distract dog with high value treat during application to avoid dog licking off the balm. Results may be noticeable from 5 days.

Apply simply squeeze the easy applicator and apply balm as required.




Why don't you offer your balm in a tin?

Great question! Our tube applicators are proven to be the most reliable and best option for balm hygiene as the source is not compromised or exposed to bacteria through direct contact with fingers or environment.  Tins are open and can expose the balm to bacteria through contact with fingers, dirt particles and environment.  


Key Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil (organic), Natural Glycerine, Australian Raw Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil (organic), Natural Shea Butter, Australian Beeswax, Neem Oil, Blend of essential natural Vitamins A & E (skin re-hydrating and cell reconstruction), Natural Parfum. Checkout our Ingredient Information here.

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